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Horsetrader Jack
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Mr. Keith's articles

I started reading my dad's gun and detective magaznes in the mid to late 50's and Elmer Keith was like a god to a young kid. I got my JC Higgins Co2 BB gun and roamed the fields by the house in search of mice, rats,garter snakes and any tweety bird dumb enoug to get close. I gotthe rifle when I was 7 and as soon as it got to be to dark to roam the fields it was off to the pops magazine rack. I learned how to read doing that process and except for catchin a whack for lookin at the girl pictures in True or Argosy it was a great time and way to grow up.

Good Shootin'
Horsetrader Jack

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FANTASTIC!!!   I started

I started reading gun mags in Portland as a kid. I was always prowling the old bookstores that were all over that town, picking up old issues or entire volumes to get the Keith articles. I remember so clearly his testing the Charter Arms "Bulldog" I will try to quote,
" I assumed my standard sitting position. sighting in on the edge of a dry cow chip at about twenty yards the gun plowed all five of its rounds through the center."
That was the way to test a handgun.