Restoring Old Holster

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David LaPell
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I picked up this old Tex Shoemaker holster from one of the local gun shops. The shop owner had died recently and his daughter gave me the holster and told me that I could have it so I could do something with it. I got the holster to use for my Smith M & P .38 to compete in the NYS Police & Fire Games. (I love to compete with the old wheelguns up against polymer frame autos).

Here is the holster after I got it home and cleaned the dirt and dust off of it.




I took the holster and used some black Kiwi leather dye and coated the holster with a couple coats. Then I took some leather polish and went over the whole thing. Here is how it turned out.



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Old Leather

Great looking holster David. leather can stand a lot of rough use or even neglect and still bounce back if given a little TLC, that's why it is still a great choice for holsters and knives, even though the synthetics are so popular. Chris

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Nice work

That is truly a spiffy looking rig now. I like the nice old holsters like that.

Don't worry. Be happy.

Brandon Harrison
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I think you did an excelent

I think you did an excelent job, just like new.  Enjoy!

Thanks Harrison
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