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The subject of sights really deserves more attention than this single post, but here goes...
Any iron sights should be though of as a marriage, where the front sight works with the rear sight and vis a' vis. That said, iron sight options are extremely limited on the current market, and tend to cater to target shooting far more than use in the field.
To my knowledge, there is only on manufacturer that currently offers field tested sight packages, and that is X-S Sights. X-S combines a very good receiver sight with a tall front blade for maximum visibility. They sell a wide variety of packages, and for field use, they are numero uno in my book.
Some rifles will need a D & T to fit these sights.
Williams is probably the best known of current sight mfg.'ers, but they specialize in receiver sights. The only package Williams offers is the current fad in sights, the fiber optic combo. Personally, I find fiber-optic to be TOO BRIGHT, but this is personal opinion, you might think differently. Williams receiver sights are of good quality, which is rare today, but their adjustments are far too cumbersome to be of much use in the field. Theirs is really a set it and forget it situation, because by the time you whip out that trusty screw driver and start working, anything you need to shoot will have found greener pastures.
There have been a few observations concerning the current Lyman receiver sights, that they are cheaply made and fragile, but I have yet to personally verify or dispute these claims. Again, Lyman does NOT offer sight packages, so it's a matter of mix and match and hope for the best.
Both Lyman and Williams use the same mounting screws on the left flank of the receiver. If you have a gun with two little screws toward the upper rear of your receiver, you can mount either sight right out of the box.

The runners up in this field offer Marlin only pieces, the first being Wild West Guns. I dunno if WWG is even still in biz, but their sight packages were field tested and pretty much bullet proof. The second is the newbie, Skinner Sights. I have zero personal experience with Skinner, but if you have a Marlin, their stuff is awful good looking.
I suppose a final mention should go to Marble's. Marble's offers sight combinations-IF YOU KNOW THE CORRECT HEIGHT FOR YOUR SIGHTS-and if you are happy with a barrel mounted rear.
Well, there you have it-far too brief, but a start!

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Thanks for the insight.  I need to look up XS sights.  I have a Rossi 92 44MAG that I'd love to get new sights for.