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Hello all
I am a 58 year old man and I am having a hard time seeing the front sight on the single six hunter. Do any of you know of some one that makes sights for this gun. Some told me that a sight off of Ruger model 1 will work. I like the Williams fire sights Style
Please help a old man out

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Front Sight

I'm not sure if the front sight is fixed or replaceable on the six, but if it's replaceable, it's pretty simple to go with higher and wider blades.
There are a number of sights available, depending on your preference. X-S sights makes a very good express sight system for wheelguns, Marble arms offers a wide variety of heights and styles, and there are others. You will find a good selection in the Brownells catalog, or contact the manufacturer directly. A very good source for specific Ruger revolver parts in general, and one that helped Mike here is Power Custom.
Any decent search engine will take you to their web sites.
A lesser solution, one that doesn't work for all light conditions, but doesn't require anything beyond a steady hand, is to paint the visual surface of the blade. There are some brilliant colours available, just have to go slow because the paint does run.
Hope this helps.

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Ruger Catalog

brucear: Ruger sells a set as listed in this link. You might also be able to find just a front sight other places as Mak suggested. Chris S