Out with the .45 Trapper

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Joined: 06/15/2018

Been a while since I went out with my 16" Miroku '92 so I decided to bring it along when I went out this morning to check a new load in my Miroku '95 .30-40 (trying to get a good load for this before hunting season this year). Anyway I got there and realized I'd forgotten my targets! What to do? Well I had some old construction scrap in the back of the truck along with my bags so I figured I could at least make some brass for the .45 even if I couldn't fire the .30-40 that I'd come to check. 

The front sight on this carbine is terrible. Those silly brass bead sights are the worst of the worst IMO and this one has the brass offset (low and left) of where the true center of the front sight is. I need to replace it with a simple blade sight but I have so many gun projects I keep forgetting. Anyway I did manage to miss the target completely at about 30 paces but that's my fault and I know it. 


Here I was trying to get a picture of the sooty trail the brass gets from the Miroku's generous chamber. This gun leaves a bulge in the brass though it still chambers in a Vaquero. It will even chamber in the tight cylinder of a FA revolver though the brass must be pushed in it's not a drop in fit. 


Ammunition was factory American Eagle 225 grain JSP. Didn't have a whole lot of penetration, only a few inches into our fine dry clay but they mushroomed alright and the recovered round weighed between 215-218 grains. Not a big deal it shoots ok and gives me a way to shoot my .45's since I'm not set up to reload for that round yet.