Keith Pills

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Real Keith Bullets feature a wide "meplat", or nose, for those less technically inclined. They have a wide front driving band. These types of bullets tend to cut large holes in anything they hit, drive straight, and penetrate well.JCH2013 001

Standard tapered nose bullets can penetrate well, but they can also yaw, tumble, keyhole, and veer off. Keith on the right.JCH2013 003
Keith bullets fill the cylinder, as seen here with a WWI veteran New Service.
When I clicked this picture, I didn't notice the top cartridge slid out just a tad due to my fooling around, it actually sits just under flush with the rest of 'em.
That driving band will help the bullet to pass through the throat straight, thus aiding accuracy.
Thanks Mike, for casting these bullets and sending 'em my way.

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Nice New Service

A 45 Colt New Service was my first big bore. Great gun, and it shot great. I had a gazillion rounds of original black powder loads for it. This was in college in Maine in the 60's. We would go to the gravel pit and set up a paper man-size target at 100 yds. and perforate it.
My first attempt to reload for it was with a Lee Loader. Trust me, only the Incredible Hulk could actually do that. So, I quickly graduated to an RCBS Jr. and dies. Then, I had to take up casting because decent lead bullets were MIA. That's how shooting turns us into nutcases. You get lured in by a nice looking gun, and the next thing you know, you have to build a shop to work in and buy everything in the Brownells catalog.


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