Five Favorite Sixguns, Owned or Not

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As a forum newbie,  I'm gonna try a "new" topic. I suspect it may have been done so many times here already that I will be encouraged to walk the plank. But here goes: what are your favorite five sixguns, whether you own them now or not?
I guess mine would be:
(1) S&W 29/629, hammer nose square butt, 6". Those beautiful lines. The Mag/Spl versatility. More barrel length than the 4" for sighting, though, yes, it's surprising what can be done with a 4" at distance, and I agree with Mr. Taffin that the 4" is up at the top of the scale esthetically. Now I'm second-guessing whether I remember him correctly. Hope so. Anyway, I'm not a handgun hunter but as soon as I retire,  that may change,  and the 6" would be my choice for that. 
(2) S&W 19/66 4", same configuration. Another gun that could hardly look and feel better. Same versatility but so comfortable and light, but still as serious as most would ever need.
(3) S&W 34, 4" square butt. Amazingly accurate in my limited (three examples) experience. Tiny, precise, detailed, beautiful,  and like #1 and #2, the exemplary S&W action.
(4) Colt SAA, 4 3/4", Blue and case colored, .45 Colt. Owned several but don't now,  and can't explain that except to say I can have two Smiths for one of these,, I must have thought at the time. At one time I had a pair with the gunfighter action job from Peacemaker Specialists. I'm kinda stupid sometimes. They seemed too fine for a poor man to beat up in cowboy action shooting.  Still hear the siren call,  though,  and undoubtedly will succumb once again. Nothing more beautiful in the sixgun world.
(5) Ain't exactly sure just yet,  but maybe, just maybe,  the Lipsey Flat Top Bisley 4 5/8". Still perhaps just a litle too blocky,  though slimmed down from the standard NM Blackhawk. For me, grips that fill up my hands perfectly, right or left. And a caliber that a few people on this forum including me seem to like just a little bit. And it's not gonna be a Colt anyway,  so maybe it's not a little too blocky. Maybe it's just what it should be.

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I haven't thought about this

I haven't thought about this but Fredom arms revolvers would be at the top. Maybe a long barreled 454 and a .44, A silloutte .22, . model 97 .357 That's a start.


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Freedom Arms

I've almost been afraid to try the Freedom Arms jobs. They seem to get such high praise I'd be off on another journey.

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I seem to like Colts, not sure why except when I started buying guns Colts were a top of the line handgun. I own or have owned a New Frontier, A python and a  Scout as well as several other brands but the Colts seem to be my shooters right now. I have never owned a modern S&W so I can't comment on those, but I do have an old S&W 32 from Great Granddaddy. Chris

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There was a time when S&W made my world turn. Grandmom's M&P .38 Special with a 5" barrel, her model 66 2 1/2", the Combat Masterpiece with absolutely the smoothest, most consistent trigger. The Chief's special. These guns were absolutely the finest revolvers. By comparison, Rugers were bricks, and about as refined. But the mystery of Colt always hung in the air like the passing of a ghost. Never, ever forget the feel of the Single Action. The direct, inevitable drop of the hammer.

They have all gone home now, those who introduced me to handloading, to shooting, to the finest guns made by man. In the grey dreariness of modern fascist America, with its sellout spineless politicians who make cowardice a way of life, its corporate "personhood" world where lies are sold as truth and truth is derided by a corrupt and Hellbound media,  S&W is a shadow of its former self. "Safety" locks, triggers that bind, tolerances that are embarrassing, finishes that are lackluster-well, at least they still make wheelguns.
I can say that there is one gun, still made today, that breaks through the grey boring great suck-the Colt SAA.

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My 5

1) My USFA Turnbuul 44 Specials with 4 5/8 barrels
2) S&W N frame 1950 target in 44 Special
3) My carry: Llama Minimax duotone 45 ACP. It was snubby before snubby 45's were cool.
4) Colt Service Ace 22 LR
5) Cimarron Bisley 44 Special

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My Ruger Acusport SS  5.5"

My Ruger Acusport SS  5.5" Bisley 44 magnum!  Dennis

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My five S&W model 58 S&W 65

My five
S&W model 58
S&W 65 3"
Ruger flat top.44 special
EITHER of my S&W .22s, model 17 0r 18
I have those above the last one I used to have an want another
S&W 27 5"

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If I can only have five...........

Colt Python 6" .357
Colt SAA .44 Special 4 3/4     
S&W Mod 21 4" .44 Special
S&W 696 3" .44 Special
S&W Mod 29  5" .44 Mag    

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Fine List

Outstanding list so far. Way better than Skeeter trying to pin Dobie Grant down on "If you could have just one gun...."
Have to admit Mak's got me ruminatin' hard about bringing a Colt SAA back into the stable again. Dang.

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Modified List

Afraid I'm going to have to change #5 on my list at the top of this thread. Substituting for the Ruger Bisley Flat Top .44 Spl. will be the gun I just had myself put on a few lists for: the New Frontier 4 3/4" 44 Spl.
For the common Joe,  it may be a long wait, as I understand these are not easily available.  Been missing the Colt single action badly though.  Now let's see...wonder if I can sell that garage full of as-new exercise bikes?

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Colt SAA 4 3/4" S&W 657

Colt SAA 4 3/4"
S&W 657 3"
Ruger Vaquero 4 5/8" (Original)
Colt Detective Special
S&W 586 6" (outshoots my Python)

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I like Rugers

My list:
1. Ruger SP101 2 1/4" 357 Mag
2. Ruger GP100 4" 357 Mag
3. Ruger Redhawk 4" 44 Mag
4. Ruger Blackhawk 4 5/8" 45 Convertible
5.  Ruger Single Six 6 1/2" 22 convertible
My next purchase will be a 44 Special just haven't figured out which one yet. Leaning toward a Charter Bulldog.