Anyone a fan of the .41 Mag.?

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Frank V
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I am wondering if there are many fans of the .41 Mag. 
I think it's a better cartridge than given credit for.
Others thoughts?


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Not Sure!

Never had one but seems like a good caliber, I think Elmer liked it a lot. Chris S

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Bill Jordan

I'm a 45 fella, but if Bill Jordan got excited about the 41 mag, I'm sure its a fine cartridge!

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Great cartridge that came

07-12-2016 04;08;13AMGreat cartridge that came late in my pictures 337My three 41mags top to bottom are a S&W 657 with a 7 1/2" barrel - S&w 58.5 with 4" barrel and Freedom Arms model 83 with a 10" barrel. The FA`s is the most accurate 100 yard revolver I own. Chris, I`ve been busy since we last pictures 358
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It looks like you have used

It looks like you have used your well. I have a couple that i bought back in the 70's when you couldn't find a mdl 29 but they have been safe queens the last decade or so. I need to do something about that. It is a great round.

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I love my 41's

I have two Ruger Bisleys in .41 mag and they are my favorite handguns.   In the picture, they are the one in the middle and the one on the far right.  Very accurate and fun to shoot.

Smoke Ratchet
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I am brand new to the forum,

I am brand new to the forum, and this is my very 1st. post/reply.     So here goes.........

.45 lc is like a beautifull blonde...........  .44mag a beautifull brunette..........  .41mag a beautifull redhead.  They all start with a "4" out front, so I love them all!

Smoke Ratchet               p.s.  I always attach an extra L on beautiful when making a reference to the ladies.

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I never feel out gunned when...

I carry my nickel 4" M57 at least once every couple of weeks.  I love it as a defensive carry gun.  It is in the rotation with my M629, M28, and pre-M27.

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