38/357 Marlin

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I have a Marlin 357 Mag rifle that is regularly shoot 38 Specials in.  I also have a Marlin 45 Colt Cowboy rifle.  I haven't fired the rifle yet but I'm loading up for that event.  In my reloading search I found that another 45 case exists, I think it is the 45 Scofield.  It appears to be what the 38 Special is to the 357 Magnum.  Anyone ever tried to shoot these length cases in a Marlin 45 Colt rifle?

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I tried it several years ago

I tried it several years ago and they were way too short to feed reliably.   I couldn't get one or two in a row to feed

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45 Schofield

Was the Army cartridge for the S&W Schofield revolver that was a rival of the Colt SAA in 45 Colt. It can be fired in the 45 Colt with no problem other than being a bit shorter and maybe building up a powder ring in front of cylinder which might hinder full chambering of the regular 45 Colt cartridge, just like 38's in a 357 revolver. Rifle performance may be spotty as badguybuster said. I would probably stick to using the regular Colt cartridge in the rifle. JT talks about them in his book: http://www.sixgun-forums.com/sixguns/content/single-action-sixguns-john-taffin and it is mentioned in other works by him and Elmer Keith and several replica Schofield revolvers are available or were at one time. Chris S

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Or a 45 Colt Short

Just thought I would throw this out.  I believe there is an article by Paco Kelly, or maybe Jim Taylor, on the Leverguns site that discusses the existance of a 45 colt short cartridge, albeit how the term 45 long colt came about.   I believe these cartridges were designed for use in both the SAA and Scofield.  And should also function in a colt 45 chambered Levergun, as a 38 special would in a 357?  I have had few problems with 38 specials in my Marlin 1894, both feeding and accuracy.   The exception being full wad cutters.  I do not shoot for competition, and would highly recommend testing any new loads before using them for such.