Book with Elmer, Jack, Bill, Charley, Ed, and Audie

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The name of the book is Pale Horse Coming by Stephen Hunter. The last names have been changed, but we all know who he is talking about.

Good Guns, Good Friends, and Good Whiskey. I beleive Skeeter was on to something.

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Letters Book

gunsmith: I think I may have confused you with my last post. I actually have been reading a book titled "Letters From Elmer Keith" by Timothy J. Mullin. It is a collection of the actual letters Elmer wrote to people who wrote to him asking his advice or recommendations. It is a very good insight to his awesome knowledge of shooting and the guns he used to do his shooting with. I am only about half through it but have already learned some new tricks! More proof that old dogs can still learn a thing or two if they want to. Chris

PS: I have read Pale Horse and it is good.