Old Style SA Revolvers. Cylinder removal

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I love SA Revolvers and have a Cimarron Arms Doc Holliday Special in 45 Colt with a 3 1/2 inch barrel. I've had it for many years and never fired it as it was 1 of 500 made. A few weeks ago I decided...what the heck..I'm almost 69 and I just wanted to shoot the darn thing. So I went to my local range and had a blast! I was hitting the kill zone every time and even was able to do several head shots!

Now I get it home and want to clean it. Followed the instructions, supplied by Cimarron, ie.."open loading gate, place hammer to half cock, loosen cylinder pin retaining screw, pull cylinder pin forward till clear of frame and gently remove cylinder toward loading gate side." Did all that could not remove cylinder! The extra info they do not provide is that you must depress the extractor rod slightly..rotate the the crescent end down and feed the extractor pin through that opening, at which point the cylinder pin clears the frame completely and the cylinder will just drop into your hand!

Would have been nice to know that! Anyhow posting this info for anyone who might have an SA Revolver with a screw holding the cylinder pin (or a knurled hand screw). Oh..one final note, on this style revolver, if the cylinder pin is pushed too far in and the screw tightened, the hammer will then be at quarter cock (or safety), and the revolver cannot be made to fire! The cylinder pin must be pulled ever so slightly forward and the screw tightened. The revolver is then able to be fired as nothing is blocking the hammer from falling completely!


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