Wonderful Sixgun

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I got this off another forum so forgive me for my borrowing! This was just too good not to share. As noted on the other site the cylinder is definitely not fluted, must have been a misprint, but it is a hellova gun! Wonder who has it? Chris
Last Colt from Hartford

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I can't  hardly wrap my head

I can't  hardly wrap my head around a "gun" like that. the only way for me to deal with it is call it an "object de Arte" or how ever the hoi-paloi's spell it,

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Colt Dome

Never knew they made this gun, but it certainly is historic, certainly is ornate, and certainly will never be fired in anger. According to information subject to my recall, Colt did not own the building they made their fantastic guns in. This put various constraints on the company that they eventually felt were just too limiting.

Again, subject to my recall, I believe United States Firearms-USFA, now occupies the original Colt facilities.  To my way of thinking, this has a certain "rightness" to it. USFA makes the best Colt replicas around.