Ruger BH Flattop Stainless .44 Special!

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I went to a gun show last weekend, and the first table inside the door was lined up with Rugers, mostly single action.  Now I already have a stainless 5 1/2" SBH in .44, a 4 5/8" blue .357 and a stainless 5 1/2" single six.  I was looking at the new single ten and I liked the fiber optic sights because my eyes don't adjust as well as they used to.  Then I saw what I consider the holy grail of ruger single actions, the stainless 4 5/8" .44 special flattop, and it found a home right away.
I didn't even know Ruger made these, and when I got home and found they were a 1000 unit run for Lipsey's, I was glad I didn't hesitate.
I've only put 60 rounds through it so far.  I love the sights and the balance with the steel grip frame.  I kept putting the rounds (Winchester 240 grain cowboy loads and some Federal 200 grain SWC HPs) a little to the left at 25 yds.  I think my trigger squeeze needs a little work so I'll have to put a bunch of different rounds through it to see what it likes best.  Oh darn.
Now I might need a Simply Rugged Sourdough Pancake for it, I think this one has to be floral carved...  This is my new packin' pistol for sure!

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Beautiful guns. I have a 5.5"

Beautiful guns. I have a 5.5" Flattop in .44 spl. on order along with a 5.5" Bisley from Lipseys in .44 spl.

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Flattop .44 Specials

Stainless would be really good, and congrats on your quick move, WesinND. Oof da!  However, I will be satisfied with my blue 4 5/8" Flattop Bisley .44 Special. It rides in an El Paso Saddlery Tom Threepersons.

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