Was Elmer a Freemason?

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Being a Freemason myself and having seen grips on some of Elmer's Revolver Grips with the Compasses and Square, was Elmer a Freemason?  If anyone could shed light on this subject, please do.  I've also heard mentioned that his grave stone was marked with the S&C. 

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He was a Freemason and

He was a Freemason and from what I have read had a fairly high standing

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He was for well over 50 years. He and Lorraine and his daughter Dru are buried in the Masons section of the Salmon Cemetery. Went to stop there last season with Ted and a friend of mine. At the gate of the cemetery was about 6 Pheasant and across from the gate several Deer were hanging out in the trees. Kind of appropriate for Elmer's gate keepers to be wildlife. Also gotta say the view from that place is awsome. I do have pics but have a hard time posting them(I'm slow).