How many of you have seen or talked or met Elmer

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It would be interesting to know many of you have seen or talked with or met Elmer? If you have, PLEASE let us know in this forum. Many thanks

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I used to talk to him on the phone.

In a better life, I caught the 44 Special/N frame fever by reading Sixguns. It took me a few years to locate a 1950 target model. By then I had read Hell, I Was There, so, I had to have it. By the time I started loading for it, I decided I better get some useful advice and called him up. He must have been a man of infinite patience since I called a number of times to ask about powders, bullet molds, alloys, etc. Of course, I have since learned that almost all fellows in the firearm community are patient and willing to help.

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Wish I had

I never met him, but when I bought my copy of "Hell, I Was There", I sent the book cover to him for his autograph. He signed it, then sent it back in the self addressed envelope I had enclosed. As most know, he spent much of his young life living near my home town of Helena, on a ranch that's about 20 miles from my home.
I started reading his writings in the late 60's, and of course was then destined to own multiple .357's, .44's, .45's and .454's,and large bore rifles.

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Autograph from the Old Master.

413772503This is on the inside cover of my copy of his biography. At one time I had 6 letters from him, think I've given all but 2 away. I called and talked to him once back in the 70's. He sounded exactly like I thought he would, like me, he was as deaf as a post.
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