Flat top Bisley 44 spl.

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The dangers of visiting of visiting your local gunshop, especially if they are know to stock interesting things. A new Bisley Flatop 44 Special in 4 5/8". This one hit all of my buttons. Took all of i minute to decide this was coming home!
Not my pic or target, but the spitting image of my gun.


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That photo...

Looks awfully familiar!

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Lipsey's is having another run of .44 Spl Flattop Bisleys

Thought you gents might like to know that Lipsey's is having another run of their exclusive Ruger .44 Special Flattop Bisley's built on the mid-size (.357) frame and with steel gripframes.  They will be available in both 4 5/8" and 5.5" barrels as before.  I know this because I have one on order at my local Lipsey's dealer's shop.  Here's a link to the Lipsey's description for the 5.5" version:


Give your local Lipsey's dealer a call and get your order in if you're interested because I imagine these will go fast once they hit the shelves.  My guy told me that Lipsey's did not know when the production run would occur because Ruger is backed up quite a bit right now - but they are definitely coming.  Closest thing to a factory No.5 that will likely ever be made.  Here's a link to a Ross Seyfried article on the same revolver.


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One hell of a good gun. I

One hell of a good gun. I have a freind that bought one. He loves the gun, but the trigger pull is stiff for him. I have not been able to get up there, as I am stuck at my sons home, until I get a car again. (Mine burned up, with me in it) Can't do any gun work,any shooting ect. Driving me CRAZY.  Anyway his shoots well, but has flyers aat 25 yards,according to him. He sent it back to Ruger, and they sent him a copy of a test target, Nice group, with one round a flyer. He is rather discusted at this, but until I am able to see the gun, I told him to hold off selling it. He has a second model hand ejector in 44 special that puts them all in a one hole group all day long.

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Heavy Trigger Pulls

I think the main point of the last post was the fliers,  but I'll toss in on the trigger pull issue.
Several times years ago I would spring for a reduced power set (bad pun intended) on a new, stiff gun. But I've taken to either shooting new guns a bunch when possible,  or dry-firing with snap caps when not. I've been amazed at how trigger pullls lighten  and smooth up after several hundred cycles.
Sorta like a jouncy 3/4 ton with heavy springs,  and you load it down and get it on the road and it seems to really like it,  like "Yeah,  THAT's what I was made for."
Also I have used the "home trigger job," which I wouldn't be surprised if a more knowledgeable shooter may advise against,  but it's worked for me.  That is,  cock the gun, press forward on the hammer a bit,  and pull the trigger while maintaining pressure on the hammer. Do it about 6 times and the trigger pull is generally noticably crisper and/or lighter. May not be an ideal procedure,  but I haven't had any problems with it.  Quite the contrary.
Haven't spent any money on spring kits since. Don't think I'd do it with an SAA or similar pistola, though.

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Lipsey's is shipping the current run

Gents:  Lipsey's is shipping the current run of these Bisley Flattop 44 Specials.  I had a call from my dealer on Friday (5/4) and mine with a 5 1/2" barrel is on its way.  Can't wait.  If you're interested in one of these give your local Lipsey's guy a call.  I'm seeing a bunch pop up on Gun Broker too.  Anyway - thought you'd like to know.

Gunsmith - sounds like maybe your friend's revolver has one cylinder throat that may be off a bit.  That is if he's only getting one flyer (?) in six shots.  The Ross Seyfried article I linked above had some nice things to say about the accuracy of these revolvers - of course he did some work on his too.  Anyway - hope your friend's gets sorted out.