Everything has a price

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I was going through the different catagories of vintage sporting goods on E Bay and was surprised to see that any item from any topic has a price these day`s. $2 for this $10 for that and $799 for everything. One guy cuts out the gun advertisements from the older magazines and charges $10.99 per ad. I never realized that some of the Remington knife posters I have are going for for $150 or more. Its just amazing that any item over 365 day`s in age can have a price tag......I guess its a good time to give "price check" a call.......

I have more guns then I need but not as many as I want...

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Longing For The Good Ole Days?

James, it may just be that so many of us miss the old days and all the good times we had and that is driving the demand for old stuff. Good luck on the sale. Chris