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         The wind rustles around me and some late acorns drop from a red oak nearby clattering through branches and loudly hitting the ground waking me from my reverie. It is warm yet since it is early October in God’s Country where I live and hunt. Bow season almost always opens on the first and the bugs are still out, mostly mosquitoes, ticks and a few biting flies. Earlier I had picked a comfortable spot under a tree and was sitting quietly waiting for a deer to stroll by on the trail I’ve scouted out ahead of time.
To pass the time and calm my natural antsiness I try to visualize a nice buck tiptoeing along the trail just begging me to take a shot, it seldom happens that way but you never give up dreaming about it and before I realize it I’m in a weak dream state again. I soon return to reality to find several deer sniffing around me, curious young ones trying to figure out what I am and the challenge is to be fully awake, calmly, so as not to frighten them away in case a buck is following along.
         In November I find myself perched on a snowy stump atop a foam seat pad that hangs from my belt over my butt during the colder hunting seasons. I’m watching a trail again but drifting off into the ethereal world between awareness and sleep thinking about deer. The cold doesn’t stop me from my drifting so it seems no matter what time of year it is I still find time to play my mind games. The crunching of careful footsteps in the crusty snow is the trigger that stirs me and I wake to check it out. A small “spike horn” is warily making his way past me and I watch as he stops and sniffs the breeze before passing by oblivious to the creature watching him.
I drift again patiently daydreaming while waiting for more deer to pass and then my dream is reality as a nice size buck sneaks along the path. With every heartbeat I slowly draw my bow and when he turns away I loose my arrow into his chest. When I calm I search and retrieve my prize and head for home.
         A February snowfall has beckoned and I trudge along on my snowshoes chasing cottontails enjoying every moment even though the going is a little tough breaking a new trail in the fresh snow. To avoid overheating I decide it’s time to pick a spot to stop and rest. A deadfall provides a place to sit and I brush the snow from it and use my foam pad for a cushion. Gathering some wood I build a small fire to help warm me and brighten an overcast winter sky a bit. I soon nod off and my dreams gain control with more visions of abundant game and filled bag limits.
         When I wake my fire is out and it’s time to resume my hunt. My dog kicks a cottontail up and her bark echoes through the cold woodland until I catch sight of my quarry and shoot. It’s time to head home to clean the rabbits and remember the adventures of the day. Nothing beats a dreamy day in the woods!
          I’m sitting in my recliner reading and the obvious question is “Do I daydream here?” the answer is “No, I just take a nap like everyone else!”