Alaskan guide guns

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Thought it would be interesting to see what sidearms were carried by the guides of an Alaskan moose and grizzly hunt camp. It was interesting to see that four of the five revolvers were 44 Mag and number five was in 500 S&W. The top gun in the group picture is my FA`s 44 Mag. The next is S&W`s new lightweight 329 followed by two Ruger Super Blackhawks and a S&W model 29. The only load/cartridge I could confirm was Speer`s 270gr JFP ammo that was loaded in the lightweight S&W. It was also intetresting to find that the S&W 500 was carried by the oldest guide of the group....Alaska moose 089Alaska moose 075

I have more guns then I need but not as many as I want...

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There Ya Go Again James!

Makin me all jealous and envious!!!! Love your FA and the others aren't too shabby either. I don't need a 500 but love those SA 44's. Is that lightweight Smith a real bear to shoot I wonder? Great pics as usual, thanks. Chris