Al Capone's Gun Special for Gunsmith

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Hey Gunny, I think you should check out the auction at Christie's in London and put a bid in on Al's gun. It is a chrome plated Colt 38 special made in 1929. It has a letter from a relative indicating it was Al's gun and you can get in for around 70,000 pounds ($114,000.) I think it is probably not up to the S&W standards you prefer but it is close as it was made back when handfitting was still in vogue. Chris

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He had good taste in guns. I

He had good taste in guns. I have one like it, in a Heiser half breed holster. It is a OP4, meaning that it was issued to a police force. The logo on the holster shows it to be from 1910 to 1928.  The gun is from that time period also. They look, and work wonderfully together.  Oh, by the way, do any of you restore old holsters, or know someone that does?  I own several Heisers, and would like to have them gone over.
About Als gun, I would need a picture of him with the gun, or a factory letter, showing shipping ect, as a noterized document shows only that the current owner attested that they beleive this to be Als gun. They were told this by their ex husband. Could be a mistake, or an outright fraud.  Way too many Jesse James guns out there for Jesse to have ever carried. Could be the same thing here.

Good Guns, Good Friends, and Good Whiskey. I beleive Skeeter was on to something.

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I have no idea about Al's gun

I have no idea about Al's gun you could check thru police records and see if he was ever arrested in posetion of it. A freind confirmed a Jack Ruby gun that way.
James's mother made money selling guns that Jessie never owned in fact one such gun went for a lot of money made after his death but because of Mrs. James receipt of the sale.
 Same with Bat Masterson he bought and sold Colts profiting on his name. I wonder how many historical guns are out there with bad providence if you tell a lie often enough people believe it, oops I just got political.

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Hey Gunny, I see you picked up Al's 38 for a mere $110,000. Chris