.44 Magnum load question

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Any suggestions on where to start for a modest target load using Elmer's 245 grainers in a vintage Model 29? I'm looking for something suitable for paper punching & small game & easy on a new shooter as I'd like to introduce my son to the big revolver.I've got Unique, but I find Unique likes to be loaded with some "steam" in order to burn efficiently. I'm thinking maybe 231, Clays. WST, or ?

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Some 44 info

Check out some of the comments on this post and then also think about 44 special loads for target work or plinking. there is a wealth of info on the 44 magnun at Taffins site also. Hope this helps.

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44 Loads

In the first place Mr. Keiths wonderful bullet is 250 gr. not 245gr. Having always been one of his biggest fans, I thought there was ONLY ONE load to be shot in the big 44.   22 gr. 2400 and hard cast 250 Keith bullet.I use linotype and soft lead 50/50 mix, shot thousands of em,  NO leading at all and this M-29 6.5" barrel is the most accurate handgun I've ever shot, bar none. Never ever thought of a target load, leave that to pip squeak cals.

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