44 and old hands

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Well, finally got out to shoot the old model and dang, my hands just don't enjoy it what with arthritis and some tendon problems.
Aside from that I sure love that gun, bought it new way back in 1965. When I got it I shot only max loads but as time went by my loads went down a bit.
Going to give it a try over at Will 's place again. {The Elmer Shoot you know}
it is bedtime so I am out of here.


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Some alternate loads

I have been working up an accurate load that is more enjoyable to shoot in the blackhawks and super blackhawks, getting some real good results with just under 8 grains of titegroup behind a keith style 240 Xtreme.  Trimming and chamfering the old worn pile of brass refreshed the case mouths resulting in good consistent crimps, getting about as tight standard deviations as I have seen out of any of my revolver loads. Clocking around 1040 fps.
Also picked up a 9-1/2" Super Redhawk, a real heavyweight, good price just needed a little TLC. Handles the full blow loads quite comfortably and prints an unsupported offhand group at 50 yards that is pretty impressive.
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