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Good Evening Handgunners!


There have been a number of inquiries lately, especially from those participating for the first time, that fall under the heading of FAQ (frequently asked questions.)  It then dawned on me that an essential document that covers most of that ground had not yet been distributed, so please see the attachment.


One question that is a bit more difficult to answer is how much ammunition to bring.  Twenty-two ammo? a brick or two.  Center fire?  Sometimes it's best answered with a question like, "How much can you afford?" or, "How much recoil can you stand in a day?"  Or, perhaps the example of last year's high scorer is instructive.


I received a call from David Sawyer while I was still working on my first cup of coffee on the morning of last year's event asking where the shoot was.  Since I didn't recall sending him an invitation, I asked who he was.  He said he found us via the internet, had a Blackhawk, a big hat, several Keith books from which he  quoted chapter and verse as well as pickupful of ammo for the Blackhawk he wanted to burn up.  Figuring the hat and what he had in his pickup qualified, I gave him directions.



Photo by Warren Sly


Upon arrival and registration David unloaded a modest amount of gear and found a space on the firing line.  He stayed there continuously except for occasional trips to his rig for more ammunition.




Photo by Warren Sly


The far targets challenge even young eyes and steady hands, especially the 3, 6 and 8 inch plates.  Yes, you will double your score if you call your shots.



Photo by Warren Sly


Sometimes he shot using one of the available "Custom Deluxe Keith Shooting Chairs," sometimes he shot standing or sitting on the ground.  But he was always shooting until the line was closed for lunch.



In the end, it was David Sawyer who won the high point platter created for the occasion by Bob Schmidt.  David posted a score of 194,000 points for his effort.  By the way, Doug Spruance tied for tenth place with 50,000 points, a fact that was omitted from last years Final Report.



Photo by Warren Sly

So, I hope I've answered some questions. 


Please note that although David was an interloper needing directions to the site, he did bring a chair.  You should too.



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Hello Handgunners,


Time is getting short and I want to tell you about more of our sponsors who will be generously supporting this year's event.


Donny and Trish Shride of Rainier Ballistics LLC will be joining us again as they have every year since the beginning.  They will be laden with copious supplies of their highly desired bullets for distribution.  Yes, 44 cal. 240's are on the menu.


Tim Sandles of Buffalo Bore Ammunition, sent four boxes of "Lower Recoil" 255 gr Keith 44 Magnum cartridges to accompany the Engraved Smith & Wesson Model 29 Revolver being raffled as our grand prize.  Having experienced this extraordinary ammunition, I can attest to it's amazing accuracy; but at 1,350 fps from a 4" barrel, "Low Recoil" is relative to other Buffalo Bore products rather than other brands.  No, Tim won't be able to make it.  I'll invite him again next year.


Val Kjack, our next door neighbor, is busy at this moment assembling ingredients for her "Locally Quite Famous Cinnamon Rolls" that will be available for early arrivals.


Jeff and Randy Emtman of Emtman Brothers Farms, will be supplying their Piedmontese Beef for our noon meal once again.  Especially lean, yet tender and hormone-free, it is available farm direct to you; a steak at a time or a whole steer, if you like.  USDA inspected processing provides the choice.  Located less than a mile from the site of the shoot, arrangements can be made to pick up whatever you want for the trip home.


Bob and Ruth Schmidt will be making major contributions again.  Bob is the wood working artist who designed and created the platter for the high scorer last year and he's making another this year.  Ruth is the culinary artist who appeared after the shooting last year with the aroma of Smoked Brisket of Beef about her that made every gun smoke saturated mouth begin to water and tummy begin to rumble.  More than several stomachs were taught who was boss that evening.


We've enjoyed the benefit of a number of anonymous contributors to our cause over the years, but not to the extent of one made a year or so ago that will benefit us this year.  The story is long but the gift is genuine, so we'll find a way of making the most of it.  Here it is:



 Photo by Larry McMillian


It's a Smith & Wesson Model 18 Combat Masterpiece 22 LR Revolver.  Yes, it's new and unregistered.  I haven't figured out just how yet, but someone will be taking it home after the shoot.


Have a safe Memorial Day weekend.  Remember, "Freedom isn't Free."



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PS:  Forget your buddy.  Forget your Guns.  Forget your ammo.  Forget your phone.  DON'T FORGET A CHAIR!!!