More Rifles

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The top rifle is an old Spanish Mauser I remodeled for my son. It came in 308 caliber but I didn't like the military barrel so I rebarreled it with an old Remington Model 30 barrel in 30-06 and rechambered it back to 308. I patched the cut down stock to fill holes where barrel bands and cleaning rods were and fitted a recoil pad and receiver sight. All told about $125.00 invested in the gun.

The next rifle is a Remington 700 action that started life as a 30-06 but I opened the bolt face to accommodate the magnum case and fitted a Douglas Premium barrel in 375 H&H. The barrel is fitted with a ramp sight and hood I made and can have the blade replaced with a bead or night ivory. The rear sight is a Williams receiver sight. I also fitted an Ultra Light Arms safety which allows the safety to lock the bolt or be opened without going off safe. It is a great upgrade and I'm surprised Remington never used it, instead they simply deleted the bolt lock feature. I recently fitted the rifle with the Knoxx-Hogue recoil reduction stock and it really does make the rifle feel like an 06 instead of a 375. Chris