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Hacking and Forums
            I belong to a couple of forums and read more that I don’t enroll on. Thankfully both the  Sixgun-Forums.com  (and Elmer Keith Forum) are my main forum I am a member on. The good times on shooting forums recently disappeared for me when another forum I was a member got hacked. Fortunately I hadn’t provided much personal info on that forum but now days any info in the wrong hands is not good.
            I re-evaluated all my forum memberships and am no longer on any that may prove susceptible and also I refuse to sign up on forums that request what I consider too much personal info such as age, address, phone number and all other order of info that a hacker might need for identity theft. I definitely never give out SSN or banking info. This may sound silly but you just never know.
            So for this holiday season I wish you all a happy season and please be safe.
Chris S