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Hello Shooters,


Here's wishing you a safe & happy July 4th.


First, let me thank so many of you for the well wishes for a fast recovery from the surgery I had scheduled shortly after the event.  I'm pleased to report I'm back to full fighting form again.


The day of our shoot began drearily with some of the heaviest rain we've experienced.  Unfortunately, about half the folks expected rolled over and went back to sleep; seeing what the prospects for the day appeared.  Fortunately, however, another group of hardy souls looked at the identical conditions and decided whatever they'd planned for the day couldn't be done, so came to shoot.  In total, a respectable number participated.


Those who came were rewarded with shelter from the elements by Eric Hill's Party Tent and by ample supplies of Val Kjack's' Soon-to-be-Famous Sweet Rolls and coffee while getting acquainted with old friends and new as the weather began to break.  The first caps began to pop a bit after 10:00 AM.


Because the ground was wet and the crop tall, the 650 yard target was left in storage; so the 140 yard array became the focus of shooters' attention for sighting-in and practice.  A short break was taken for lunch of Robyn Meenach's now famous Sloppy Joes efficiently served by Dawn Malone while the targets were re-painted.  No sooner had the paint dried than shooting for score began.  Each shooter took twelve shots in ten minutes at steel targets ranging in size from 18 x 24" down to 3" diameter; the smaller the target, the greater the value.  Hits & misses were determined by a consensus of the gallery, several equipped with spotting scopes.


When the smoke and dust cleared, it was Matt McKinney who walked away with the "Top Score" platter made by Bob Schmidt for the occasion.





Matt then teamed with Julie Parry to win the "22 Tin Can Championship;" a test of marksmanship in which a metal container (in this case a Coke can) is impaled on a 1" x 1" wooden stake that must be removed to ground level by use of 22 ammunition from 6 round neutral firearms in shorter times than competing teams.





It was Julie's lucky day.   She went on to hold the winning card in the raffle for the Larry McMillian donated, Freedom Arms modified and Mag-na-port enhanced Freedom Arms Model 83 454 Casull revolver along with a box of Buffalo Bore ammunition use in it.  No, I don't believe she's tripped the trigger on it yet.





A dinner banquet of smoked brisket of beef prepared by Ruth Schmidt along with complements again served by Dawn and her crew created the atmosphere for the end of a successful day.


The generous participation of donors, sponsors and participants will result in a contribution to the NRA Foundation in Elmer Keith's name close to $5,000 from this year's effort.  That will put the total raised from the ELMER KEITH Memorial Shoots since their inception in 2001 at $45,000.  In addition to the participants, special thanks must go to the growing list of donors and sponsors listed here in alphabetical order:


All American Arms

BAT Machine

Ron Behrens

Ronald J. Brown

Buffalo Bore Ammunition

DPMS Panther Arms

Emtman Brothers Farms

A.C. Fernandez

FishHawk Guides

Steve Fletcher

Freedom Arms

Rodrick D. Hendry

Eric Hill

Robert W. Langenbach

Guy & Jenifer Maakad

Meenach Farms

Dawn Malone

Elsie Meenach

Herrett's Stocks Inc

Mag-na-port International Inc

Larry McMillian

National Rifle Association

Ed Parry

John Parry

Jack Pearson

Rainier Ballistics

Sharp Shooting Indoor Range & Gun Shop

Bob & Ruth Schmidt

George G. Smith

Michael Thyng

Ralph Voss

Gordon D. Williams

Wilson Insurance Agency


Again, many thanks to all.  I'll look forward to seeing you again the first Saturday in June, 1013.